1. sidney bickram

    i have look around for cheap pannels and found that for the cost
    i can just buy hydro from my utility provider for less ,and
    maintenance free for 15 years.dose not mean i stop looking as soon as i find something cheap i will try this solar stuff

  2. Solar power technology has truly come to a spot of its advancement where it power a number of equipments, from energizing the full home right down to small consumer electronics accessories. It is really remarkable to recognise that people have additional endless resource of electrical power and it’s clean compare to the typical way of generating electricity. Expect more on this in the long term and even count on a lot countries to compliment those who are utilizing the solar energy technology. I’m among those who find themselves happy to make use of the free energy changed into available electricty for home which power the home gadgets, water heating and right down to chargers for notebook computers, ipods, audio players and many others.

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